"L'enseignement catholique a des lacunes et des étroitesses, faute d'ésotérisme: mais la pratique catholique est une pure merveille. II faut donc penser avec l'occultisme et pratiquer avec l'Eglise. Concevoir selon la tradition hermétique et réaliser par les voies chrétiennes." (Joséphin Péladan, founder of the Order of the Catholic and Aestethic Rose-Cross of the Temple and the Grail)

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Rosarium² is a work of experimental Sacred art
with both an exoteric and an esoteric meaning.

On the exoteric level it consists of 59 tracks
as the 59 beads of an ordinary (Dominican) rosary
collected in 7 albums as the 7 decades/Mysteries of a Franciscan Rosary.

On the esoteric level the track "Aperiens / Te Deum" consists of two
bringing the number to 60 as the 60 cubits of the width and height of the Temple of Jerusalem
and the albums are 7 as the 7 Churches of Asia and the 7 Heavens
collected in 4 canonicals as the material / mercurial pole of Alchemy
and 3 apocryphals as the spiritual / sulphuric pole.

At the same time the work is conceived both

to study Catholicism as a living religion and to celebrate it as a dead one.

The ² in the name and the double R logo represent all these dualities.
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